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 Betreff des Beitrags: Update on Relaunch of InfoBooster and WegzumReichtum!
BeitragVerfasst: 6. Aug 2008, 16:02 
Forum Admin

Registriert: 07.2008
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Wohnort: München
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Hello once again fellow BIGnet24 Forum Readeeers!

Just wanted to inform everyone here in the BIGnet24 Forum over the Re-Launch of 2 from MANY hundreds of my other Websites, InfoBooster and WegzumReichtum, which seem to be running just fine...

I first had to redo the Layout from InfoBooster because it was first thought of Only as an Experimental website, But do to knowledge and experience that I gained in the last 6-7 months, I was able to make it a very successful website using uptodate SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization), proper Internet Marketing, usage of Google Adwords and Google Adsense and of course, I can´t forget to mention the knowledge passed on to me from my Mentors in Helmut Ament and Dr. Oliver Pott!

2 of the many Germany and Switzerland based Internet Millionaires. Helmut Ament is COB of WorldSoft AG and CEO of PegaStar AG, both in Switzerland, in which WorldSoft AG has managed to earn well over 15,000+ Customers over the last 7 years of Existance... I remember back in the Early-Mid 90´s reading alot of Computer Magazine Ads from Helmut Ament´s PegaStar AG company, offering an opportunity to make money from Home with your PC writing personalized Children´s Books and Now, he is a Mega-Multi-Millionaire! Wow, that´s exactly how I want to do it, but in a much shorter time!

Anyways, about Dr. Oliver Pott, now @ the young age of 33, he has managed to build many Internet Businesses making Millions of Euros annually and first became a millionaire when he sold one of his first companies to the French Avanquest-Group after only 24 months of existance, which was bringing in an approximate of 2.5 Million Euros annually...

I have gained so much knowledge from these 2 Gentlemen over the last 6 months, which also convinced me shortly after starting with InfoBooster, to dedicate an Experimental Website from the knowledge gained thru Helmut Ament´s SuccessCoach-Newsletter´s ... That´s when Weg zum Reichtum was born and was getting, if not the same amount of attention as InfoBooster, then more!

But, at the beginning it was also only a Test-site, and hours after re-modeling InfoBooster, I thought it would ONLY be proper to also retouch Weg zum Reichtum, respectively!

Over the last couple of months, I have been doing quite alot of Innovation and Brain-storming with my Business Partners and came to the Solution which I plan to Launch in Mid-August (Between 11-15 August 2008)...

And THIS will be the BIG ONE! or atleast ONE OF MANY BIG ONEs to come in the near future... the Website will be found at: BIGnet24 in where the Website is still under construction, waiting Legal Approvement and Certifications.... I already have almost 500 Websites finished on "the Fly" just waiting and I accomplished that in only 5 weeks!

So Remember this,


so why not go with BIGnet24 to solve your Internet Marketing Worries!

Much more info coming soon!

Keep in touch folks!



* * * * * *

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